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ICANN Accredited Registrar
In addition to being accredited for both .SE, .NU and .EU, Websupport is also an ICANN accredited registrar and we therefore have a large selection of top-level domains for which we ourselves are direct registrars. Below this page you will find information about, for example, what information is passed on to a registry, general information about the top-level domain and prices.

Click on the current top level domain for more information.

Country-based top level domains (ccTLD)

.ME (Montenegro)
.FI (Finland)
.AC (Saint Helena)
.AE (United Arab Emirates)
.CH (Switzerland)
.CO (Colombia)
.GS (South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands)
.GY (Guyana)
.HN (Honduras)
.LC (Saint Lucia)
.MS (Montserrat)
.MX (Mexico)
.NL (Netherlands)
.PH (Poland)
.SH (Saint Helena)

Generic top level domains (gTLD)