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Accredited registrar for the top-level domain .com

.COM registrar
Web Support is an ICANN accredited registrar and we have a large selection of top level domains. We are constantly expanding with new popular top-level domains that our customers demand. Here we show information about the .com domain.

Top-Level Domain .com (generic)

Registration time Direct

Registration period 1-10 years

Allowed number of characters 2-63

Terms Registration terms



Uses EPP-code

WHOIS protection

Renewal Policy

You have the option to extend the domain at no extra charge in addition to the usual renewal fee within about 30 days after the domain’s expiration date. When 30 days have passed, the domain quarantines (redemptionPeriod) for about 30 days, if you wish to renew the domain name during the quarantine period, you are charged according to our regular price list in addition to the renewal fee. If you did not act to maintain the domain before the start of the quarantine period, it will be deleted within 5 days after the domain has received the status pendingDelete. Please note that the right to the domain name is lost when the domain has expired and we cannot guarantee that you will return the domain in case of non-payment.


When transferring to Websupport from another registrar, the domain is locked for 60 days and therefore cannot be moved to any other except back to the original registrar if the transfer in question has been in error or if it has been fraudulent.

Upon transfer within Websupport, the domain is locked for 60 days for security reasons. This also includes changes such as name / company name and e-mail.


Who is the owner of domains registered with you?

We always list our customers as owners of the domain, for this top level domain also includes administrative, technical and invoice contact.

What information is publicly available in WHOIS?

The name, address, telephone number and e-mail address are no longer published since the introduction of GDPR.

How fast do you register my domain?

We have prepayment and register your domain name as soon as it is paid. If you place an order with us you can pay with a credit card at once, then the registration goes away immediately and should be completed in under 20 minutes.