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WebSupport is a Whois ICANN accredited registrar!

 What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a tool commonly used to look up registered information on domain name holders. Information that can easily be obtained via WHOIS is, for example, when a particular domain was registered and which registrar it is under. Try the function in the search box above!

In the past, WHOIS was significantly more “permissive” and it was possible to search, for example, for a specific individual’s name and to directly obtain all the domains with which he was associated. But from an integrity point of view, and because the system was abused by spammers, such information is no longer as easily accessible. In conjunction with the introduction of GDPR , the rules on the storage and disclosure of personal data have become even stricter and this has resulted in European registrars (such as WebSupport) simply storing only a minimal amount of information about our domain customers, and never more than we need to ensure administration and technical operation.

Of course, due to GDPR, we never disclose any information to third parties. For example, rights organizations have tried to get around the GDPR by requesting the “Admin / Tech” contacts for a domain, which many registrars have set the same as the “Registrant” contact (which is what we and most others have done all year ).

If WebSupport is today contacted by a rights organization, we will briefly notify the proprietor instead of letting the rights organization only take the information directly from WHOIS. But the holder has no obligation to neither respond nor act on what is stated in the message. We therefore do not disclose any information as this would conflict with the GDPR.

The only thing we release today is a backup to a company called Iron Mountain. This backup can only be seen by us and ICANN, as only we have access to the keys with which the data is encrypted. This data is used only in the event that WebSupport would go bankrupt or similar, in other words, we are in bankruptcy and can no longer manage our clients’ domains. It is therefore a security so that another registrar can take over the operation if necessary. However, ICANN is also not allowed to go in freely and check data in the backup.

Here you can read much more about WHOIS history and how the tool works.


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