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Here you will find questions and answers regarding everything around the shift when Binero Web Hosting becomes Web Support which is part of the Loopia Group.


When does the name change occur?From 1 February.
Contact information for support?From 1 February You can reach us on:
0771-24 08 00
Will my services change?Your services will continue to function just as usual.
Why is the name change made? Since November 1, 2019, Binero's domain and web hosting business is part of the Loopia Group. To make it clear that we are no longer part of the Binero Group, we will change our name to Websupport from 1 February 2020
Will the control panel change when renaming? The control panel will look just as usual with the only difference being that Binero's log will be replaced with our new Websupport log
Do I still have the same username and password for the control panel? Yes, you log in as usual but from the new website websupport.se
How do I pay for my services? This is done exactly the same way you did before. The only difference is that our invoices will be updated with our new weblog support log
Will the payment information be changed in connection with the change of name?From 2019-11-01 when Binero's domain and web hosting business became part of the Loopia Group, invoices for your services are sent from Loopia Hosting AB (org. No .: 556689-0397). Payment via bank giro is made to the same bank giro number as before (5343-2795), however IBAN for foreign payments is updated to SE04 1200 0000 0130 7010 9497.
Does this change have any connection to the web host Websupport which is located in Slovakia? Websupport in Slovakia is part of the Loopia Group and is thus a sister company to Websupport in Sweden. The companies have different service platforms and data centers. The data centers for Websupport Sweden are located in Vallentuna.
Will other brands that Loopia bought from Binero also change its name to Websupport in the future? There are currently no plans to rename Websupport on any of the other brands that Loopia acquired from Binero.

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